Community radio: content conundrums

Just a passing thought as I chew the back of my pencil (or the keyboard). In my online search for Haryanvi folk music (yes, I have unending faith in the power of Google to turn up anything and everything), I came across a video clip from Shubham Haryana TV. First off, I wasn’t even aware that there was such a channel. A quick browse showed me that I certainly did not get it among the plethora of regional channels that Tata Sky dished out. The clip was pedestrian – just a recording of a clutch of women, dressed in a traditional Haryanvi dress, singing folk songs. But now I’m wondering where I can get access to recordings of Haryanvi folk music.

Meanwhile, the survey questionnaire is being finalized. We should be starting our sample survey sometime around September 10, 2008. Two schools, 500 students, equal numbers of girls and boys, and hopefully lots of interesting data to bite into. We’ve taken the sample questionnaire available at and added our own bits, and this amalgam is what we will work with.

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  • Sajan September 2, 2008   Reply →

    1. Not sure there is a Satellite & Cable TV channel called Shubham Haryana TV. At least, it is not listed in the I&B Ministry’s clutch of ‘authorised’ channels (the only Haryanvi thing over there is something called STV HARYANA NEWS). Shubham TV could be just an internet thing.

    2. Have you checked out a website called ‘Beat of India’? – “Beat of India brings the vibrancy and richness of the folk music of India to the World Wide Web”, or so it says on the site.

    3. If you are taking your CR license under the NGO category, please do your sample survey with the general public as well. A sample size of 500 is fine, but not 500 students, unless you are applying for a campus radio license. By the way, the sample questionnaire on the MIB site was designed for a somewhat different purpose — it is not sacrosanct. You can devise one of your own.

  • Arti Jaiman September 3, 2008   Reply →

    Thanks Sajan. I did check Beats of India. They don’t have any Haryanvi folk music. But great stuff from UP, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. In the spirit of CR, we’ll ask the community to find, sing, record, and commission all the music they can find. We’ve tweaked around the MIB questionnaire quite a bit. Will post it here once we’ve all put our two bits in. We’ll also ensure that a chunk of the sample survey consists of the general public in the area.

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