Community radio: teaching English

We’ve been seriously considering Teaching of English as a significant element in the CR station’s content offering. Centre for Learning Resources’ Dr Kurrien has mentioned that he would be happy to share the content that they have developed for the teaching of English over radio.

I just read a wonderful story about how it is being done in Bihar, through the radio (AIR), for primary school children throughout the state. Read the full story here.

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  • geetha nambisan bhardwaj September 8, 2008   Reply →

    EDC has been experimenting with teaching with the radio in karnataka. I believe that has been a great success.

    OneWorld South Asia has initiated a pilot with Vikramshila in Vardhaman, West Bengal and in Udaipur, Rajasthan with GESCI and the Govt of rajasthan integrating telephone and internet. It is called Lifelines Education and enables teachers, students and administrators to ask questions related to pedagogy, content or administration of learning. These questions are answered by trained experts and the Q&As are recorded in an ever growing FAQ.

  • Arti Jaiman September 9, 2008   Reply →

    Geetha, these look like great models to look at closely. We’re hoping to get our feet wet with English language teaching, since that is a skill that is highly valued within our community as a “marketable skill”, which will get the next generation good jobs in the offices in urban Gurgaon. Given that a large chunk of the population has let go of their farm land, questions of livelihood are a high priority.

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