Junk food — just what the doctor ordered?

For sometime now I have held this belief that we need to market healthy food to kids as if it were junk food. I sometimes ‘joke’ that if we were to stop our children from eating spinach and carrots along with chips they just might find the former two a little more attractive.

I have actually noticed that kids who are not at all happy to eat vegetable will often happily eat a baked dish loaded with vegetables. Kids who will spit out the ‘pallak’ that comes with the ‘paneer’ will often relish a spinach and corn baked. Well, at least mine do (small sample size, I know). To test the theory I once toyed with the idea of starting a fast-food restaurant for kids that served only ‘junk food’. Well, that is what it would be ‘marketed’ as to the kids, but actually the food would be healthy and balanced. I even thought up part of the menu, branding, packaging… Unfortunately you cannot always cook everything you can think up, and the idea stayed untested…

That is one reason why I was really excited to see this campaign that packages carrots as junk food and sells it in vending machines in schools in the US. I wish them well and hope that they succeeded…

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  • Pinakini Singh October 23, 2010   Reply →

    Very interesting concept…. Should go a long way with health concious parents…. For themselves and the kids….Hope its low on calories too …. ThoughI am not so sure about the positioning ” eat em like junk food”. This might serve as a reminder that this is actually carrots or beans or spinach…. something that I dont really like… the preconcieved mental status and bias stays….. and also is someone trying to outsmart me…..Wouldnt it be a better idea to just slip them in like junk food?? 🙂

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