My name is Ajay Jaiman and I am a self-taught full-stack developer and consultant [More at my work website:].

I also make still, moving and talking pictures. The goal is to make a record and hopefully tell a story too. While most of my photography & film work is personal, I do take on commissioned assignments. Over the last couple of years I have been working almost exclusively with not-for-profit organizations/causes. Drop me a line if you have an interesting project for me.

In my past life I have also been an advertising executive, programmer, graphic designer, photographer, documentary maker, instructional designer, publisher, and an internet entrepreneur.

That said, this blog is mostly about my personal adventures — cross-country cycling, Himalayan trekking, photography, documentary & audio-visualspottery, baking… my work website is



More about me, if it interests you:

According to the best scientific evidence I am a Human, with somewhere between 1 to 4% Neanderthal DNA. Which means that some of my forefathers (or foremothers) made babies with someone outside of their species. Let me reiterate, not outside their gotra, caste, or religion, not with someone who came from a distant country and spoke a different language, ate smelly food and looked weird. They fell for someone from a different species altogether. Think Orangutan, kind of. Yes, seriously. Look it up, all non-Africans have somewhere between 1 to 4% Neanderthal DNA .

In honour of my Sapiens and Neanderthal ancestors I try to be open-minded towards my fellow earthlings. So I am fine with those who love dogs, and those who eat them. I am fine with dogs that lick and dogs that bark; dogs that bite, I try to avoid. I am fine with LGBTQIA, and I am fine if you add a few more alphabets at the end. I am fine with people who chant, self-flagellate, mediate, or pontificate about stupidity of belief in god. I am fine with those who do drugs, money, religion or sex for pleasure; or for pain. I am fine with people who travel to find meaning and those who travel to lose themselves; and also with those who stay forever rooted. I am fine with those who are searching for truth and those who are hiding from it; and those who profit from obfuscating it.

As you may have noticed by now, I am kind of fine. Hope you are too!



Arti Jaiman started her career in journalism as a writer with the Arts pages of The Economic Times in 1991. During her six-year-stint with the paper as Feature Writer, Arti wrote extensively on theatre, education, special education and arts, design and literature. In 1998, Arti co-founded Pitara Kids Network (, an online magazine for children between the ages 4 to 14 years, which draws upon an Asian (and primarily Indian) socio-cultural context for inspiration. She has subsequently written on education, children’s literature, parenting, and reviewed fiction and non-fiction for mainstream English newspapers like The Hindu and Tehelka. Today, Arti juggles her time between Pitara, editing projects, and managing the launch of a community radio project in Gurgaon for the NGO TRF ( Arti has a Masters degree in Journalism from Indiana University, Bloomington, USA, a Post Graduate Diploma in Communications from Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi and a BA in English from Delhi University, Delhi, India.


  • Deeksha Kapoor June 27, 2008   Reply →

    Hey Aarti,

    I suddenly remembered you mentioned something about a blog so thought I would check it out..Just glanced through some of the posts- and Im glad to report that there looks like alot of stuff here to come back to for an interesting read. I’ll leave comments as and when I go through posts. It was great having spent so much time with you and your super cool family (including the mom in law)

    Take care,


  • padmini January 7, 2011   Reply →

    hi ajay..
    i stalled upon this and what do i see? this is brilliant..
    its a read.. wonderful blogs
    and great work..
    after pitara, completely lost touch..
    and hence this was rejuvenating!

    wish you great success and good luck with your work and and huge amounts of peace and joy at home..
    god bless


  • Nilofar Khan May 19, 2011   Reply →

    I would Like to have the contact person’s Name & Email id.Kindly revert back.

  • Sunny Bhambhani July 29, 2011   Reply →

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    My name is Sunny Bhambhani..Am an engineer turned into a film maker..My short Film “Ansuni” got a National telecast on Sony Pix ( Did my diploma in film making from Whistling Woods International) and from there on I went on to directe my first feature film “love express” For mukta arts – the film production house, that released in June last month. Am now looking for newer stories on kids to be made.

    I have been reading articles of Chitra Padmanabhan off late, they interest me and would like to meet up and discuss more on kids stories with her. I stumbled upon Pitara and have been trying from few days to get in touch with someone from there, but the contact us feed doesn’t seem to be working.

    I feel me and Pitara and Chitra who is the onboard editor; I believe share the similar vision on kids and wanted to know how could I get in touch with you all and her regd the same.

    WIll respect if we could connect thru email or phone.

    Awaiting a positive reply.

    Thank you
    Sunny Bhambhani

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