Gurgaon Ki Awaaz starts streaming

Now, listen to Gurgaon Ki Awaaz sitting anywhere in the Net-enabled world. Our icecast link page is made possible by the collective efforts of Gramvaani and Nomad India Network and the support of the Radiophone project. Click here to listen:

Gurgaon Ki Awaaz Community Radio celebrates three months on air

On Thursday, February 25, 2010, Gurgaon’s only community radio station celebrates three months of round-the-clock broadcasting to a community that has remained voiceless throughout the transformation of Gurgaon from a sleepy cluster of villages 20 years ago to a much vaunted “Millennium City”. The only civil society-led community radio station in the entire National Capital Region, Gurgaon Ki Awaaz is a platform for and by marginalized community groups in Gurgaon, especially communities living in villages in and around Gurgaon, migrant workers and inner city residents for whom the gloss and glamour of malls and glass-fronted office buildings is simply a testament of the uneven development that has taken place in this town. Read more

Education in rigor mortis: a 10-year report card

Can anything possibily change in the Indian education system. A comparison between a survey done in 1996 and another done in 2006 seems to suggest that nothing much has changed in our education system. Read this brilliant report from Frontline here.

Bringing in winds of change through Radio Ga Ga

So early on in the process of starting a community radio station, it is evident to me the transformation it is capable of bringing into communities and individuals. Here's a story from "Media For Freedom" that is testimony to the power of CR.
Lucknow: 32 years old Kanshiram undergoes a complete transformation as he goes behind the microphone talking to his listeners on the Community Radio (CR). Formerly a bus conductor who used to ferry passengers to and fro from the remote village of Lalitpur, today he works as a radio jockey (RJ) at the newly set up community radio station here. "I can't believe I am now a RJ broadcasting and anchoring radio programmes. It gives me an immense sense of satisfaction that I am doing something for the society. What makes it even more meaningful is the fact that I get to see the real issues through my work and and also provide solutions for it."Read more

Lalit Lokvani gets set to air

I've been hearing about Ideosync's CR project in Lalitpur for a while now, but a news story finally suggests that they're close to getting on air.

Here's the full story.
Village Community Radio will give voice to people's issues
10 January, 2009

"Community radio is the real voice of the people, it is a communication service that caters to the interests and needs of a certain area, its culture, craft, cuisine and above all social and development issues," said Mridul Srivastava, the station director of 'Lalit Lokvani'.Read more

Radio: A companionable presence at the turn of a switch

According to Elise Nordling, “The primary function of radio is that people want company.” Assuming that to be true, what kind of company do people normally want? Who do you and I like to talk to? To listen to? To someone who speaks our own language, perhaps. To someone who understands our world, and our lives, and the joys and sorrows and challenges that go into living each day. A mirror that we look into, sometimes admiringly, sometimes critically, but a mirror nonetheless.Read more