Volunteer fire-minder at the Burning lake.

Riding the thunder dragon

Where in the world do you have a car driver slow down to a halt, to let you finish taking a picture…

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hand propelled recumbent cycle

Choosing a bicycle 101: Roadie, Hybrid, MTB, Touring or fixed gear?

So you're thinking of buying a new cycle? And you are being bombarded by friends, fellow cyclists…

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An MTB on a fully-loaded tour

Cycling across the Sach Pass, Himachal Pradesh

Perhaps more appropriate to say 'trying to' cycle across the Sach Pass. And failing. We did our…

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Recent ceramics

When you throw the clay you literally have little idea how the end product will look and feel...…

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Trekking across the Buran Pass, Himachal

She knew. I could tell she knew that I was in pain. I had been making sure that the violent…

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Buffaloes on zebra crossings – The Gurgaon story

Our documentary film was first shown as part of an exhibition & seminar ‘What makes India…

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Manali to Leh cycling – What does it take?

It's that time of the year again. When people start thinking about ‘the’ great Indian cycle ride –…

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First attempt at ceramics

These are my first pieces of ceramic that came out of the kiln. Of course they are far from perfect…

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Gurgaon critical mass cycling – a new begining

After the excesses of the new-year partying, you’d expect that on a cold and windy Sunday morning…

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Who cares about bicycles or about climate change?

Since Delhi climate bicycle ride was going to be only 11 kilometers and on the Bus Rapid Transit…

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Storming of the Indorie Qila

We finally raised the PedalYatri flag on the Indorie Qila (Indorie Fort). Of course it was a…

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Do you need a helmet when cycling?

Watch this video. And if you are still not convinced about the virtues of wearing a helmet then…

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