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  • Which camera should I buy?
    by Ajay Jaiman  |  02 November 2010

    I am often asked ‘Which camera should I buy?’ Sometimes the query is about digital SLR (DSLR) cameras, at other times it is about point-and-shoot (P&S) cameras. After trying to answer the question in short...

  • LIFE photo archive on the web
    by Ajay Jaiman  |  03 March 2009

    The LIFE magazine photo archive (millions of photos), most never published before, is now available online, for free. A teat for some of us (I still have old copies of LIFE magazine!). And we have...

  • Copyrights and wrongs
    by Ajay Jaiman  |  27 August 2007

    The Picture Archive Council of America (PACA), has created a powerpoint presentation that dispels many a myth and sheds light on what copyright protects and for how long, what is fair use, what is an...