After spending a whole day diligently wishing everybody ‘Happy Diwali’, a thought just crossed my mind: what are we so happy about? Maybe it is the noise, or the pungent burning smell, or maybe it is hypoxia but the question did cross my mind; momentarily though. Very quickly I banished it. Don’t be pessimistic, think positive…

I succeeded. Therefore after much deliberation I have come up with a list of things we should be happy about this Diwali. You are welcome to add to the list.

May you find peace and contentment this Diwali. We can let the goddess Lakshmi find a house of a widow of a farmer in Vidharba.

Note: Sometimes my writing does not deliver the intended message. Assuming that this is little note is one such piece let me clarify that I was attempting irony ;-).

First published on November 5, 2010