Just a passing thought as I chew the back of my pencil (or the keyboard). In my online search for Haryanvi folk music (yes, I have unending faith in the power of Google to turn up anything and everything), I came across a video clip from Shubham Haryana TV. First off, I wasn’t even aware that there was such a channel. A quick browse showed me that I certainly did not get it among the plethora of regional channels that Tata Sky dished out. The clip was pedestrian - just a recording of a clutch of women, dressed in a traditional Haryanvi dress, singing folk songs. But now I’m wondering where I can get access to recordings of Haryanvi folk music.

Meanwhile, the survey questionnaire is being finalized. We should be starting our sample survey sometime around September 10, 2008. Two schools, 500 students, equal numbers of girls and boys, and hopefully lots of interesting data to bite into. We’ve taken the sample questionnaire available at www.mib.nic.in and added our own bits, and this amalgam is what we will work with.

First published on August 31, 2008