A story just came through that reminded me of something N Ramakrishnan of Ideosync had thrown in the air as an idea worth pursuing. Using community radio, at a very local level, for the community to showcase its talent and “vote” for whom they think is the best. An “Indian Idol” reinvented at the local level. Via radio. Not only would a program like this generate enormous interest in the radio station, it could possibly reel in advertisers for the 5 minutes of ads per hour of programming that CR stations are allowed.

According to the news story on AfricaNews, “Traditional music concert has been revived in Zambia through the efforts of a community radio station in the Southern Province. Chikuni Community Radio says they want to move away from the usual “copy-cats” of Western culture due to globalization. The concert attracted thousands of followers.” Read the full story here.

First published on September 13, 2008