We’ve finally done it. Today I spent the entire morning weaving my way through the corridors of Sanchar Bhavan, and sitting with a very helpful person who screen by screen helped me fill out the Network License Application form. This is the last remaining form before our application file is considered complete. Now, all we have to do is to print the form out, and drop send it off to WPC.

I have to say that everyone at WPC was extremely helpful. From the people at the reception who had to figure out who would authorize my admit pass to the people in the technical department of WPC who finally sat with me and patiently helped me figure it all out (given that even he was stumped a couple of times), I couldn’t have asked for gentler souls. The person at the reception even offered me tea, and the assurance that he would not let me leave till my work was done. Must be my “lost puppy” look that did it.

I have taken some very scattered notes on how the form was filled. So, if someone wants some assistance with their form, they are welcome to come over with a copy of their SACFA form and ID as well as their WPC site user-id and password. In return, I would like to take some screen grabs of the form-filling process so that these can be uploaded for everyone else to access.

First published on September 4, 2008