There’s no doubt about it - we face challenging days ahead. The terror of air time is about to hit us. Even though we’re intending to start slow, with four hours of programming each day (two hours of programming broadcast once in the morning, once in the evening), it’s not easy ensuring that stuff gets out 365 days a year, which it must.

We’re planning on some core programs, around which we will add programs that are done on the fly, or as the children develop more story and programming ideas. Here’s a basic list.

  1. Careers and Livelihood: a 30 minute daily slot in which one career is taken up for description, along with information on where children can go for further training, degrees, and apprenticeships, as well as one or two resource people who are currently working in the field. They will be interviewed on their inside view of this particular career.

  2. Health: A one hour weekend program on specific health issues (child health, maternal health, dental hygeine, etc) with a doctor on call to take phone-in questions.

  3. English speaking: A 30 minute daily program on learning to speak English.

  4. Books Aloud: A 20 minute daily book reading program in both Hindi and English to get children to read and speak fluently. In partnership with publishers so that the children can read the books that are being read aloud on radio.

  5. Music: Recordings of folk Haryanvi/festive music recorded by the community members.

  6. Plays and stories: Weekly program created and produced by the schoolchildren, each school taking a turn each week.

  7. Interviews: Interviews of interesting people living in and around Gurgaon, whose lives and ideas will be of interest and relevance to our community.

First published on October 16, 2008
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