Our file is apparently finally complete. That mystery form which has confounded brighter minds, is finally filled and filed. How did we do it? Er, with a little help from some people from WPC. I had tried and tried but the minute I came to the technical bits I just could not figure out what to fill in. Finally I called WPC. A helpful gentleman there suggested I come over and he would help me fill the form. I landed up in the reception of Sanchar Bhavan where a kind person at the reception asked me what my work was, called up, discovered that the relevant people “weren’t on their seats” and suggested I sit on the sofa and relax while he tried to reach them. He even offered me tea! Finally, after a number of calls, I finally made it up to those hallowed corridors. One hour later, I was out of there, form filled. I’ve taken screen grabs of the process once I was back in office, so if anyone out there wants a guide on how to fill the Network Application Form, you only have to ask. Problem is, I just hope it is correctly filled. I went to Sanchar Bhavan with a lot of faith!

First published on September 9, 2008