After I came back from my recent self-supported Manali to Leh cycling trip many people wanted to know what I carried on the trip. So here is a list based on what we carried. There were two of us, and we figured that some of the items could easily be shared, so we did not carry two of every thing (I think there are some exceptions to this, but I guess that advice could be another post). The list has four main sections:

  1. Bike and bike related gear
  2. Clothes
  3. Camping & Cooking gear
  4. Toiletries & Miscellaneous items

I also carried a comprehensive first-aid kit, but I am not going to list the items here because I tend to carry too much – perhaps because I am trained to be a wilderness first responder.

Bicycle Items
On the bike
Water bottles2
Frame pump1
Cycle GPS1
Solar charger for GPS1
Seat bag1
Headlight w/batteries1
Tail light w/batteries1
Rear rack (Btwin)1
Rear panniers (Ortlieb)1
Bungee cords to hold extra stuff2
Front rack ( Old Man Mountain)1
Front panniers1
Sunglasses - interchangeable glasses1
Cycle tools
Cycle multi-tool
Swiss army knife
Spoke key
Chain breaker
Cleaning cloth
Tool pouch
Cable ties
Puncture kit:
Sand paper1
Tyre repair patch2
Cycle spare kit:
Break Shoes1
Brake cable2
Gear cable2
Cycling Clothes
Cycling shorts2
Cycling jersey2
Base layer: polyester microfiber2
Cycling gloves - Short fingers1
Cycling gloves - Full finger1
Other clothes
Polo shirt2
Night clothes1
Cycling shoes1
Light Sandals1
Cold Gear:
Down jacket1
Thermal socks1
Acrylic sweat shirt1
Warm gloves1
Long cycling pants2
Skull cap/under helmet/balaclava1
Trouser/shell Pant1
Thermal inners1
Rain Gear:
Cycling Rain jacket1
Shell pant1
Camping & cooking Gear:
Camping Gear:
Tent + bag1
Sleeping bag1
Waterproof stuff sack1
Foam pad1
Plastic garbage bags5
Toilet paper1
Net bag for laundry1
Clothes detergent1
Head lamp1
Cooking Gear:
MSR Stove + bottle1
Match box + lighter1
Pot + pan + common cover1
Plastic TV dinner plates2
Plastic knife/fork/spoon2
Rag/cleaning cloth1
Thin plastic glove for handling fuel1
Tea kit:
Tea bags50
Sugar cubes100
Milk powder
Plastic cup1
Food items:
Precooked Biryani/Pulao5
Oral Rehydration Solution10
Energy Bars20
Dryfruit mix: Almonds + Cashews + Raisins
Maggi can be bought on the way
Other Items
Toilet kit:
Carrying pouch1
Tooth brush1
Liquid soap (small dispenser)11
Shampoo Pouch3
Hand sanitizer (small dispenser)1
Sun screen (moved to items we should have carried)1
Chap stick1
Insect repellent1
Wallet/credit cards/driver’s license/Identity
Ziploc bags1
Camera + batteries1
Small towel1

Items we did not take and wish we had: (will take next time)
Duck tape
Rubber bands
Chain Degreaser tool
Bicycle chain maintenance kit - old toothbrush, degreaser, large rag
Plastic clothes pins (6)
Dromedary Bag or extra water bottles
Rain cover for shoes OR Plastic bags for shoe covers

Items that are likely to be on many lists but we did not take and did not miss:
Sewing kit
Shaving kit
Book to read
Sun hat
Poncho (required only if you do not have a good cycling Rain jacket)
Windbreaker (required in you do not have a good cycling rain jacket)
Sweat shirt

Items that were on our original list but we did not carry and did not need. :
Spare Tire

Items that broke down or malfunctioned:
Solar charger malfunctioned and I could not recharge my Garmin (has a very poor battery that performs even worse in the high-altitude cold environment)
Garmin GPS clip that attaches the GPS to the handle mount
Cateye headlight (On two occasions we rode in pitch darkness. Sorely missed a good light)
One rear spoke – probably because of all the weight on the rear panniers
Heart monitor - ran out of battery


First published on October 11, 2010
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