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  • Cycling the Sach Pass - 2.0
    by Ajay Jaiman  |  01 October 2016

    At 4,420 meters Sach pass is not among the highest ‘motorable’ passes in the country, but it is certainly one of the steepest and one of toughest to bicycle across. A couple of years ago,...

  • Which is the best cycle for touring the Indian himalayas?
    by Ajay Jaiman  |  16 September 2014

    People often ask me what is the best cycle for touring the Himalayas. It is a hard question to answer, mainly because different people define ‘touring’ differently. For instance, cycle touring may mean cycling hundreds...

  • Cycling across the Sach Pass, Himachal Pradesh
    by Ajay Jaiman  |  07 August 2012

    Perhaps more appropriate to say ‘trying to’ cycle across the Sach Pass. And failing. We did our best, under the circumstances, and failed. No shame in that! 15 odd kilometers short of the Sach pass...

  • Storming of the Indorie Qila
    by Ajay Jaiman  |  15 November 2010

    We finally raised the PedalYatri flag on the Indorie Qila (Indorie Fort). Of course it was a notional one on wikimapia, but it felt special because two of our previous attempts of finding and reaching...

  • Why do I cycle?
    by Ajay Jaiman  |  29 October 2010

    First published in Times of India on October 29, 2010. Nice to be featured in the ‘Just4Her’ section of ‘What’s Hot’ ;-). If you can afford to ride a motorcycle or a car, then why...

  • Musings on self-supported cycle travel
    by Ajay Jaiman  |  17 May 2010

    I like the idea of self-supported cycle travel. It gives you a feeling of freedom, almost liberation from the constraints of ‘tourism’. Or at least that is what I thought. To put it to test,...