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  • Storming of the Indorie Qila
    by Ajay Jaiman  |  15 November 2010

    We finally raised the PedalYatri flag on the Indorie Qila (Indorie Fort). Of course it was a notional one on wikimapia, but it felt special because two of our previous attempts of finding and reaching...

  • Why do I cycle?
    by Ajay Jaiman  |  29 October 2010

    First published in Times of India on October 29, 2010. Nice to be featured in the ‘Just4Her’ section of ‘What’s Hot’ ;-). If you can afford to ride a motorcycle or a car, then why...

  • Going to Ziro!
    by Ajay Jaiman  |  15 June 2010

    Ziro is a quaint name for an unknown town hidden in the undergrowth of the deep jungles of Arunachal Pradesh – a state that is itself tucked away in the north-east of the country and...