It’s list time. School circulars are in, and we now know well and good that we can take off for another trek in September. So, I begin my lists. A list of people who can join us for the trek. A list of people who are likely to bum out. A list of clothes to be packed. A list of medicines. A list of books to be carried, and just to be safe, another list of books to be actually read. A list of cameras and stuff to be carried. A list of food to be packed. And finally, that mother of all lists, a list of lists to be made before we take even the first step out of the house.

I’m a list freak. I love them. I barely need to hear of any trip, that I head for paper and start drawing up lists. Never mind that the trip is nearly three months away and I’ll probably lose all these lists by then. Just drawing them up, chewing my pencil over them, gives me such unalloyed delight. It’s almost like beginning the trip earlier than everyone else. I can think of so many reasons why lists are great. Wait, let me draw up a list…

First published on July 8, 2006