Tiger Sighting!

27 March 2006   |   by Ajay Jaiman   |    travelphoto-features

When my son and I went to Ranthambhore I was not expecting much more than an opportunity to spend some time with my son away from TV, PC, PSP, GSM… Guess what, we encountered the big cat! Not one, but three – Mum and two of her fully grown. And, up close. So close that we could smell them. I exaggerate not! They were so close that I could not fit all three into one frame (I was using a telephoto).

Some eight years ago, we encountered a tiger at Sariska but I have no pictures to show. She was too far and showed herself for too short a time – my son just slept through that encounter. This time around, he witnessed the catwalk – literally!

The tiger encounter in Ranthambhore The tiger encounter in Ranthambhore