The small village of Losar at dusk.

Cycling the Spiti valley – Nako to Manali

The hardest part about Spiti is reaching there. It took us a 22-hour bus ride to get to Rekong Peo. For the sake of acclimatization we had planned the night stay at Kalpa, which is not so far from…

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Ready to ride through a stream flowing on the road. Dry bags (waterproof Ortliebs) but wet shoes.

Which is the best cycle for touring the Indian himalayas?

People often ask me what is the best cycle for touring the Himalayas. It is a hard question to answer, mainly because different people define 'touring' differently. For instance, cycle touring may…

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Volunteer fire-minder at the Burning lake.

Riding the thunder dragon

Where in the world do you have a car driver slow down to a halt, to let you finish taking a picture from across the street. Where in the world do you have women managing the night desk alone in a…

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hand propelled recumbent cycle

Choosing a bicycle 101: Roadie, Hybrid, MTB, Touring or fixed gear?

So you're thinking of buying a new cycle? And you are being bombarded by friends, fellow cyclists and salespeople by all kinds of conflicting information? I have, in the past, tried to clear some…

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An MTB on a fully-loaded tour

Cycling across the Sach Pass, Himachal Pradesh

Perhaps more appropriate to say 'trying to' cycle across the Sach Pass. And failing. We did our best, under the circumstances, and failed. No shame in that! 15 odd kilometers short of the Sach pass…

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Trekking across the Buran Pass, Himachal

She knew. I could tell she knew that I was in pain. I had been making sure that the violent negotiations between my calves and knees were kept to, well, myself. But she could see through it. I was…

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