letter about college admission

Letter to my daughter: College admission is not an objective measure of an individual’s self-worth

Note 1: This started out as a letter to my daughter who goes to college this year. But once I started writing I thought that others who go through the college application process (and their parents,…

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Human and environmental effects of ‘mass-produced agriculture’

I must confess that I was not entirely surprised to read that the results of 'mass-produced agriculture' can sometimes be less than satisfactory. Allow me to summaries some of the human and…

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Water. For saving lives and changing lives…

A little bit of clean water can save lives. And change lives. This short animation video show how important water is. For those who don't have it.

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An argument against nuclear power in India

It is interesting that almost exactly to the day of the 25th anniversary of Chernobyl, India has decided to approve a new nuclear power plant in Jaitapur in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. While…

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Hunger strike against corruption is over. Time for some introspection?

To be honest I seriously considered going to Jantar Mantar, perhaps even participate in the fast. But I couldn’t. I kept following the event closely but I could not participate. Not because I want…

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