Going to Ziro!

Ziro is a quaint name for an unknown town hidden in the undergrowth of the deep jungles of Arunachal Pradesh -- a state that is itself tucked away in the north-east of the country and is clearly not…

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Dispatches from the border – III

I had heard about the 25-foot Shivling, even before I had reached Ziro. With the Amarnath story still fresh in my mind this appeared too tempting to be passed without an investigation. While little…

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Dispatches from the border – II

As you drive on the well-maintained National Highway 52, given the volume or absence of traffic, you experience a serene calm. The assorted trees stand unruffled, kids play quietly in the verandahs,…

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Dispatches from the border

A two and a half hour flight followed by a one hour helicopter ride, leading on to 17 hours in a taxi, is a long way off from Delhi. And here I am sitting by a mist-covered lake at an altitude of…

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