Cycling the Sach Pass – 2.0

At 4,420 meters Sach pass is not among the highest 'motorable' passes in the country, but it is certainly one of the steepest and one of toughest to bicycle across. A couple of years ago, Punit and I…

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An MTB on a fully-loaded tour

Cycling across the Sach Pass, Himachal Pradesh

Perhaps more appropriate to say 'trying to' cycle across the Sach Pass. And failing. We did our best, under the circumstances, and failed. No shame in that! 15 odd kilometers short of the Sach pass…

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Trekking across the Buran Pass, Himachal

She knew. I could tell she knew that I was in pain. I had been making sure that the violent negotiations between my calves and knees were kept to, well, myself. But she could see through it. I was…

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Hiking in the Spiti valley

In June I traveled almost the entire length of the Spiti valley in the 'European backpacker' style. Using local buses (non-a/c with non-reclining seats), hitching rides, and hiking-- from village to…

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Cycling trip across the Jalori Pass, Himachal Pradesh

Day one is always hard. But staying the night at Raju bharti's guest house in Gushani more than made up for it. Lovely family to stay with and an absolutely gorgeous place too. On day two rode…

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Trek to Chandratal — the moon lake

Freezing temperatures, mutinous children and kindergarten values Educational consultant Ajay Jaiman, 40, trekked to Chandratal over the Dussehra break last year with three other families—the…

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