The small village of Losar at dusk.

Cycling the Spiti valley – Nako to Manali

The hardest part about Spiti is reaching there. It took us a 22-hour bus ride to get to Rekong Peo. For the sake of acclimatization we had planned the night stay at Kalpa, which is not so far from…

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Hiking in the Spiti valley

In June I traveled almost the entire length of the Spiti valley in the 'European backpacker' style. Using local buses (non-a/c with non-reclining seats), hitching rides, and hiking-- from village to…

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Bridge at Losar, Siti valley, Himachal Pradesh 2006

Sailing through Spiti (Part II)

It's freezing cold when we leave Losar. The guest house chowkidar tells us the temperature at night is normally sub-zero. So, on that cheerful note, we leave behind Losar's square white houses, their…

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