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Junk food -- just what the doctor ordered?

For sometime now I have held this belief that we need to market healthy food to kids as if it were junk food. I sometimes ‘joke’ that if we were to stop our children from eating spinach and carrots along with chips they just might find the former two a little more attractive. I have actually noticed that kids who are not at all happy to eat vegetable will often happily eat a baked dish loaded with vegetables.
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Educating the rural children

Who will teach the teachers to see the hunger for learning in these bright sparks? “I am not sure, what is it that I want to do when I grow up… I don’t know… maybe I’ll get a job of some sort… or may be I will drive the camel cart, like my father… I am not sure at all, but I am not thinking about it…” As his voice died out, 10-year-old Ratan turned his spectacularly bright eyes to the ground.
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