Diving into the deep blue Andaman sea

31 July 2015   |   by Ajay Jaiman   |    adventures

Earlier this year we went scuba diving to the Andaman Islands. We spent a over a week at DiveIndia on the Havelock islands.

There is no easy way to describe the vibrancy of the underwater ecosystem of a coral reef. No description can do justice to the experience of being 10-20 meters underwater.

Early morning departure for a dive session Early morning departure for a dive session

I tired using the word ‘psychedelic’ to describe the colours and the shapes of the astounding range of lifeforms. A fellow diver added, yeah, gods must have been on acid when he did this. This was my first trip underwater. I think I did OK with the diving lessons, but not so well with the photography and the videography. Anyhow here are some images form the trip, hopefully I’ll be better prepared next time.

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