"Traveling – it leaves you speechless,
then turns you into a storyteller"

– Ibn Baṭūṭah

I craft multi-media stories by mixing 


As a photographer, film-maker,
designer and programmer
I practice the craft of developing
multi-media stories.


This website displays some of my long-term photography and film projects. It also hosts my blog about travel, cycling and adventure.

I also manage a digital media incubator & consultancy where I craft digital media products and offer digital strategy consultancy. Visit

I am available for assignments

Please get in touch if you wish to commission a photography, film or multi-media assignment

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Travel Stories

I like to travel. Slowly. Mostly on cycle or on foot. To me, it is the right pace to experience the world. To meet and to get to know its inhabitants. It is only when you are willing to slow down & to invest yourself in people’s lives that you get to experience real stories.



I like to tell stories. Digitally. Mostly multimedia — audio, video, stills and text. On commissioned projects I will occasionally work with a team, but generally I like to operate solo. Most projects you see here are personal, unless mentioned otherwise.


Other Stories

I am involved in a whole bunch of other personal projects. From long-distance cross-country cycling to documenting the life and work of 'human scavengers' in a large metropolis like Gurgaon. I try and document some of those ongoing stories here.