Bringing up a blog

08 July 2006   |   by Arti Jaiman   |    media

I’ve spent the better part of this week wandering around in the alphabet-strewn, bits and bytes world of IT, software, hardware, all the stuff that techie geeks do sitting in front of a computer screen. It’s part of work, and I need to understand what’s happening in the Indian IT industry, what’s the buzz, or rather, where’s the buzz. So, here I am, low-tech, no-tech, floating around in blogs and websites, looking at mainstream news channels, obscure blog entries, babudom press releases, the works.

The big surprise are the blogs. There seem to be a million out there. Some scratchy, others a veritable feast of ideas, ideology, ramblings, rants, raves, insights and overviews. And not just on technology either. I stumbled upon one such Indian entrepreneur techie’s blog – Rajesh Jain’s – and I’ve come across everything from articles on emerging technologies and Google’s turn as an inventor to a train journey and the reservation issue. Then there are the big international (read US) players like BoingBoing ( and Scobleizer ( There are funny ones, completely techie ones only concerned with the next big knot in Open Source, the pontificating ones that really think they have something earth-shattering to share with the rest of the world and the plain boring ones that have nothing to say, not even in the “About Me” window.

Big realization: it’s easy to start a blog. Keeping it alive and kicking is a bit like having a baby and then realizing that you have to stay up night after night changing diapers. You’d better love your blog (and your baby) to keep it going.