I make still, moving and talking pictures. The goal is to make a record and hopefully tell a story too.

While most of my documentary photography & film work is personal, I do take on commissioned assignments. Over the last couple of years I have been working almost exclusively with not-for-profit organizations/causes.

Drop me a line if you have an interesting project for me.


Landscape Photography



People Photography



Black & White Photography



Abstract & Still Life


  • jaiman April 1, 2007   Reply →

    My names Jaiman too!
    i like your photos, they are very good!
    from Jaiman

  • I always knew you were deeper than what i saw you at NIIT. Always enjoyed our association. It was great to see your work….kudos to you.

  • Anindya October 23, 2007   Reply →

    Brilliant pics. Simply brilliant – have you considered phot journalism as your next paying gig?

  • Urvi Verma September 6, 2008   Reply →

    Breathtakingly beautiful…refreshingly different!
    In an age when there is so much talk about global warming and all-time high pollution levels these photographs show us all that we need to see and awaken to save!!Our lives are cluttered with disturbing pics of the grim and gory aspects of modern human civilization; this is a reminder that those are, but one side of the coin…these pictures reveal the existence of a virgin unexplored bounty…
    Just goes to prove the truth in the adage:
    Whether the glass is half empty or half full is a matter of perception!!

  • Amit September 11, 2008   Reply →


    I got the link to your website thru a friend and I must stand up and applaud to some excellent still photography skills that you possess.


    – Amit

  • Rohit November 13, 2008   Reply →

    Hi Ajay,
    Great pictures,
    Rohit Singhal

  • Chandresh December 7, 2009   Reply →

    nice pictures Ajay…specially Landscapes

  • upasana goel December 9, 2009   Reply →

    Hi bhaiya… enjoyed looking at such awesome photography.. my hubby, sundeep is also a keen photographer & has uploaded many of his pics in various websites.. im sure you guys will hit it right away when we meet (hopefully soon)… all the very best to you 🙂 – bulbul

  • Ashwani March 5, 2010   Reply →

    Really appreciable work… While i was searchin for a friend whose sirname is also Jaiman, i came across ur blog.. very thoughtful pics.. Wish u all the very best and lot of good work that brings you even wider recognition.. Best of Luck.. Keep it up!!!

  • Megha Singhal June 11, 2010   Reply →

    Well, we don’t know eachother. I was browsing facebook and saw Mayura aunty commented on your photo’s i just went through the album of your’s and got to know about your webpage.
    Me and my husband were planning to go to ladak in near future but since we saw your gallery can’t tell you desperate we are to visit it asap. I must say ajayji it awesome work. Mind blowing pics… Keep it up such an awesome work. Just can’t take my eyes off.

    Keep it up, Gud luck.

    • Ajay Jaiman June 15, 2010   Reply →

      Megha, Thank you. Glad you liked the pictures. And Ladakh is highly recommended. Let me know if you need some help… One little advice: please remember not to take altitude lightly – especially if you fly in — and take all the recommended precautions even if you ‘feel fine’.

  • Aju Maga July 28, 2010   Reply →

    Hi Jaiman ! Awesome work and glad to see more from you. I like your pictures of people and place of Arunachal Pradesh. I wish you all the best and good luck for your beautiful work.

  • David Louia Gay August 2, 2017   Reply →

    Ajay! Wow! After looking at your talented artistic photographers eye I love it all! At this time I have just skimmed the surface of drinking in via my eyes and brain the beauty and talent of yours.

    • Ajay Jaiman September 8, 2017   Reply →

      Thank you. Appreciate it.

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