Items I carried on my month long self-supported cycling trip (Northern Tier, USA)

Packing list for multi-day self-supported cycling trip [Version 2.0]

Some years ago I had posted a packing list that I had used for my Manli-Leh cycling trip. That post…

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Shops on fire in Darjeeling

A blazing sunrise in Darjeeling

It is five in the morning and still pitch dark outside. But I am up and ready to face the winter…

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Critical Mass ride, September 25, 2009, Gurgaon, Haryana

Should I be cycling to work everyday?

Before I get to the 'should' let me answer if I 'want' to cycle to work. The unequivocal answer is…

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Mausoleum of Mirza Muqim Abul Mansur Khan (Safdarjung)

So who was Safdarjung? And why does he lord over the best real estate in town?

Residents of Delhi, even those not terribly interested in history, are likely to be aware of the…

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Northern Tier of America cycling route

An Indian Going West. To Discover America.

At age 40, in the middle of raising venture funding for my second tech start-up, I had a massive…

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Cycling the Sach Pass – 2.0

At 4,420 meters Sach pass is not among the highest 'motorable' passes in the country, but it is…

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Stand on a street corner and see all kinds of cycles being used for commuting.

Bicycle shops in NCR – Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida

There is a post on my blog about choosing a bicycle that has become very popular and I get to reply…

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Manali to Leh — Route Map

Planning on riding/driving from Manali to Leh? You can explore the route in an interactive map…

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Diving into the deep blue Andaman sea

Earlier this year we went scuba diving to the Andaman Islands. We spent a over a week at DiveIndia…

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Learning to fly a paraglider in Kamshet

As far as I can remember, I had one persistent, recurring childhood fantasy/dream: To fly. All by…

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The small village of Losar at dusk.

Cycling the Spiti valley – Nako to Manali

The hardest part about Spiti is reaching there. It took us a 22-hour bus ride to get to Rekong Peo.…

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Ready to ride through a stream flowing on the road. Dry bags (waterproof Ortliebs) but wet shoes.

Which is the best cycle for touring the Indian himalayas?

People often ask me what is the best cycle for touring the Himalayas. It is a hard question to…

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